About (MACH)

The central aim of the Magaliesberg Association for Culture and Heritage (MACH) is to protect the heritage of the Magaliesberg region. This includes both natural heritage (i.e. geology, plants, animals, etc.) and cultural heritage (i.e. the history and cultural activities of human beings of all communities within the Magaliesberg region). This central aim of MACH is carried out through the following activities:

                  (1)            Organising and promoting talks, tours and other presentations about Magaliesberg


                  (2)            Production and dissemination of articles and publications about Magaliesberg


                  (3)            Placement of blue plaques to commemorate places, people and events of heritage

                                    significance in the Magaliesberg region.

                  (4)            Cooperating with other organisations in activities and projects which focus on

                                    protecting and creating awareness about Magaliesberg heritage.

Membership of MACH is free and open to all.

To become a member of MACH and be placed on the mailing list, please send your name and email address to info@machbookings.co.za